Creative Showcase

Over the course of 2021 and the spring of 2022, I revived, rebranded, and hosted a meet-up of associate and mid-level creatives across Red Ventures in what became known as the Associate & Mid Creative Showcase. This monthly meet-up was designed to be an inclusive, safe space for young creative talent (designers, UXers, and content writers) to present their work and receive feedback without the added pressure of presenting their work with their bosses in the room/ zoom. As many creative teams across Red Ventures hold regular critiques, this meeting functioned as an opportunity for creatives to practice their presentation and feedback skills amongst their peers. Additionally, as Red Ventures acts as an umbrella company for approximately 30 brands, all of which act independently, this created one of few opportunities for cross-team collaboration and community building.

In addition to reviving this get-together, I also personally hosted it each month and acted as a facilitator to encourage discussion and sharing. Additionally, I curated, maintained, and updated a list of creatives (their role, their team, their level, and their contact information) across teams and disciplines; maintained a designated slack channel to communicate updates and share work; marketed the showcase and sourced presenters; communicated with Red Venture’s Corporate team to have the showcase featured in the company’s weekly newsletter; and participated in the showcase by providing feedback and joining discussions.

This showcase was well received by my peers. When I was promoted to senior in the spring of 2022, I trained an interested mid-level designer to take over the showcase so that the attendance would continue to be limited, as promised, to mid-level and below. The showcase continues to this day.

Note: As this was a passion project and outside the scope of my role, all of the graphics I created were created in 10 minutes or less on Canva.