ExpertFlyer Beta Dashboard

The brand: ExpertFlyer is an online service created to make air travel information easily accessible and for anyone who wants or needs access. It gives users the power and resources of an OTA (online travel agent). Its services include award and upgrade availability, flight availability, travel information like gate times and fare requirements, seat maps and seat alerts, and allows you to set custom alerts when certain fares become available or schedules change.

The ask: Create an actionable dashboard that serves as a guide to help users find relevant information and access travel tools and alerts.

The method: Facilitated and lead a cross-functional co-creation to align on the goal (stated above) and opportunity for a custom dashboard/ landing page. Attendees included the Vice President of ExpertFlyer (and co-creator), a VP of Creative, a content designer, and front-end and back-end engineers. Then executed the sketches that came from the co-creation.

Sketches and Co-Creation Miro (zoomed out):


High-fidelity designs: