Browser Extension Co-Creation

Co-Creation Facilitation

Disclaimer: This project is still in the works and proprietary, so I won’t be sharing specific solutions. For interview purposes, please reach out and I’d be happy to provide additional screens/ insight.

My team was exploring a proof of concept for a Browser Extension to create new ways to provide utility and expert guidance to our users on The Points Guy. With this goal in mind, I planned a Co-creation session with 10+ individuals including a VP of Product, Senior Director of Engineering, and Director of Creative in addition to engineering, product, and creative teammates. We decided as a team that this would be an opportunity to meet in person, so I organized and facilitated a hybrid 3-day session for discovery, sketching, and alignment around a core product idea.

The agenda for the Co-creation included 3 days’ worth of material. The first, Discovery Day, was to align on goals for the project; discuss best practices, potential revenue streams, and competitive analysis (a deck, which I assigned to my two direct reports to create as a visibility opportunity); align on business and tech requirements and considerations; and share our homework, which was gathering inspiration beforehand. The second, our main sketching day, had time for a warm-up exercise to get everyone comfortable sketching and presenting, and two sketching, voting, and alignment rounds. The third day was for a final sketching round to bring us to final alignment and prioritization.

The three features we focused the Co-creation around were:

  • Card Advisor
  • Points v Cash
  • ¬†Shopping Portal/ Offer Combiner

Again, this project is currently in the works and proprietary, so please reach out for further details.