Mobile Resize


The brand: ExpertFlyer is an online service created to make air travel information easily accessible and for anyone who wants or needs access. It gives users the power and resources of an OTA (online travel agent). Its services include award and upgrade availability, flight availability, travel information like gate times and fare requirements, seat maps and seat alerts, and allows you to set custom alerts when certain fares become available or schedules change.

The ask: Optimize the mobile view of the web app to increase the number of results visible within the viewport. Also, add access to a help menu and new functionality.

The solve: Decreased clutter and increased the number of visible results per screen by 30-40%. On the Flight Availability tool, I added in two functional view: Cabin and Class view. The Cabin view is aimed at less experienced users by grounding them in the cabin before listing all of the fare codes, which expert users would be able to parse with ease.

Note: Resizing work happened across all pages, of approximately 90 screens. I am simply including examples of the most complex, most dense tools that were updated from that work.

Awards & Upgrades Tool (click to expand):

Flight Availability Tool (click to expand):